Orange County Property Appraiser

Orange County Property Appraiser

If you are looking for a reliable Orange County property appraiser, you have come to the right place. There are many such professionals in the market today. The following are a few to consider: Rick Singh, Amy Mercado, Muneer, and Scott Randolph. Before you decide on one, you should consider their background.

Amy Mercado

The position of Orange County property appraiser is a constitutionally-noted executive county office in Orange County. Mercado was elected to the position in November 2020. She brings extensive business experience, including management, operations, budgets, and team leadership to the office. Previously, she served as a state representative for Florida House District 48, where she served on the Ways and Means Committee.

In August, Mercado defeated incumbent Democrat Rick Singh for the position. She won the primary, but must face a general election in November. Mercado faces a tough challenge in the general election. Two write-in candidates made it onto the ballot, forcing the election.

Mercado’s biggest challenge will be to restore public trust in the Orange County Property Appraiser’s office. The office has been in the news for the wrong reasons in recent years, including a probe by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and several whistleblower complaints. She vowed to restore public trust and accountability in the property appraiser’s office.


A property appraiser is responsible for the valuation of all the properties within a county. This person also keeps track of ownership changes, maintains maps of parcel boundaries and keeps descriptions of buildings and properties current. They also accept applications for exemptions and analyze trends in sales prices, construction costs and rents. The job of a property appraiser has many responsibilities and can have an impact on the community, schools, and government.

The Orange County Property Appraiser’s office is responsible for setting the property values of residential, commercial, theme parks, and other properties in the county. These values are used to set property taxes, which provide revenue to municipal governmental agencies. According to the Orange County property appraiser’s office, property taxes generate $1.1 billion in revenue annually.

There are three candidates in the race for Orange County property appraiser. Khalid Muneer, a businessman, and incumbent Rick Singh. Mercado and Muneer are Democrats. The winning candidate will advance to the general election. The other two candidates will run as write-in candidates.

Scott Randolph

Scott Randolph is a Democrat and has served as Orange County property appraiser since 2013. He is a former member of the Florida House of Representatives, and he previously served as tax collector for Orange County. He is well-known for his zealous advocacy of property values, and he has received praise for his work.

Scott Randolph has extensive experience working on tax policy and is a highly qualified property appraiser. He has extensive experience in tax policy and has served as a senior member of the Finance and Tax Committee. As an attorney, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. In his current position, Randolph will focus on assessing Orange County properties and assisting homeowners.

In the November 2020 election, Singh will face two opponents. One of them is Amy Mercado, who has extensive experience in business and public policy. Mercado has served in the U.S. House and has experience in operations, budget management, team leadership, and public policy. Her previous positions include serving as a ranking member on the Ways & Means Committee and as the Director of Operations of the National Mango Board, where she oversaw a multimillion dollar budget and oversaw a multinational board. In addition, she has extensive experience in vendor procurement and compliance.





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