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Benefits of a Membership at Bi-Mart Discount Stores

If you are looking for real value on name brand products, consider a membership at Bi-Mart. This employee-owned chain of retail stores provides members with real value for money. These stores are trustworthy and convenient. There are many members who already use Bi-Mart for their everyday shopping needs.

65 Years and Growing in the Northwest!
Bi-Mart is celebrating its 65th year in the Northwest. In many ways, we started preparing for the future when we opened our first store 65 years ago. The foundation of our business has always been to focus on our members by providing great values, name-brand quality merchandise and outstanding service. We’ve succeeded and grown by helping members save their hard-earned dollars every day. And, they appreciate it.

Bi-Mart’s pharmacy business will be acquired by Walgreens

A definitive agreement has been signed between Walgreens and employee-owned Bi-Mart, in which Walgreens will acquire Bi-Mart’s pharmacy business. This includes all pharmacy patient prescription files and pharmacy inventory. Bi-Mart has 56 retail pharmacies throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The retail stores will remain open and serve members.

The deal will be completed within the first half of this year. Both parties expect to begin transferring prescription files from Bi-Mart to Walgreens within a month. Patients will be notified by mail about the change. Both companies are working to ensure a smooth transition for the pharmacy’s patients.

Bi-Mart has a membership of over 1.8 million families. A family membership is still just $5 and good for a lifetime of savings and many other membership advantages! Members benefit from low prescription prices, Lucky Number Tuesday prize giveaways, and unbeatable prices on all Owner’s Choice items. Bi-Mart also offers discounts on local community events, sporting events, and entertainment. We proudly support and give back to the communities we serve.

Bi-Mart offers real value

The best part of being a member of Bi-Mart is that you can enjoy the benefits of employee ownership. Employees are responsible for the business, and can start a career in any position. They have plenty of opportunity for advancement, and work-life balance is a top priority. The company treats all employees like family, and provides a supportive work environment that supports personal growth and development.

Whether you’re looking for groceries or home improvement supplies, you’ll find a vast selection of quality products at great prices at Bi-Mart. You’ll also find a pharmacy and wellness center. And the company has a long history of giving back to the Bend community. Bi-Mart is a proud supporter of many worthy causes and charitable organizations.

Being a membership store means that our customers “join” Bi-Mart or are a guest of a member shopping with us. That being said, everyone is welcome at Bi-Mart and we encourage new shoppers to stop in and try us out if they want to know more before joining. A nominal one-time fee (still just $5!) buys a lifetime membership card and covers all family members living at home. Often, the savings of shopping with us that very first time more than covers the cost of membership.

Bi-Mart is located in Pendleton, Oregon

If you’re looking for a discount store, visit Bi-Mart in Pendleton, Oregon. You can find the store at 901 SW Emigrant Ave. It’s a discount store that accepts Checks, Debit Cards, and Credit cards.

Bi-Mart has been around since 1955. It started as a small chain of discount stores that sell housewares, sporting goods, apparel, and other items. It also sells canned and packaged food and personal care products. Each store has about 31,000 square feet of space.

Bi-Mart has been a part of the Northwest for over 55 years. With 72 employee-owned stores, we pride ourselves on being a friendly and comfortable place to shop. Our stores offer low everyday prices on brand name products and top quality merchandise. Each Bi-Mart is stocked with over 40,000 items in 15 easy to shop department. Our products and prices are specially chosen to fit our members’ Northwest lifestyle and pocketbooks.






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