How a YouTuber Turned Crypto Trend Into a Media Business

Bitboy Crypto – How a YouTuber Turned Crypto Trend Into a Media Business

Crypto winter came and went, with assets cheap and few people paying attention. Then, the coronavirus shutdown drew in more attention, sending the values skyrocketing. BitBoy’s reputation soared, and now the company has 70 employees and millions in revenue. It is a successful example of a startup turning a crypto trend into a media business.

Armstrong is a crypto influencer

While Armstrong may seem like a well-known media personality, he is not a trained financial advisor. In fact, he has turned his back on crypto marketing, citing concerns over illicit activity in the crypto space. However, he has been very transparent about his business interests, revealing many of his crypto investments.

A report by CNBC shows that Armstrong is one of the most popular cryptocurrency influencers, with a 1.5 million subscriber base. The popular YouTuber has accepted thousands of dollars from companies to promote their crypto products. But it is unclear whether he is telling the truth. Some people have complained that Armstrong is part of a fraudulent scheme.

He has been involved in 7 crypto projects

Bitboy is a YouTuber who claims to evaluate crypto projects for his YouTube followers. In an earlier video, he endorsed the PAMP network, but the price of PAMP quickly fell to zero following his endorsement. In another video, ZachXBT found that a number of BitBoy-endorsed projects had already lost a substantial amount of value before the bear market hit.

BitBoy’s reputation in the crypto space is somewhat tarnished by reports that it promotes crypto scams. But there are ways to prove that Bitboy is involved in these projects, and it’s possible to find out if it’s a scam if you know where to look.

He has been criticized by Atozy for misleading viewers

The YouTube star known as BitBoy Crypto has been criticized by his fans for promoting a bogus cryptocurrency. After publishing a video promoting micro-cap cryptocurrencies, the creator of the channel was accused of misleading his viewers. Erling Mengshoel, a popular YouTuber with a large following, criticized Atozy for promoting the scam and encouraged his followers not to follow his advice.

The Bitboy channel has faced several critics in the cryptocurrency community, including cryptocurrency investor Anthony Pompliano. One of the YouTubers who criticized the video, Atozy, has filed a lawsuit against the video producer for misleading viewers. In his lawsuit, he alleges that Bitboy crypto has deceived its viewers about the PAMP token, a cryptocurrency which is currently worth only fractions of a dollar. The PAMP token has fallen by nearly 90% from its all-time high of $2.73 in July 2020.






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