A projectile fired from an air rifle hit a cat in the back

Kitten and Rabbit Thrown From Car Window in Chesterfield

A young rabbit and kitten were thrown from a car window in Chesterfield. One was struck by an air rifle projectile, while the other was shot with a gun and euthanized. Surveillance cameras caught the incident on video. Police are looking for the perpetrators.

a kitten and a young rabbit were thrown from a car window in Chesterfield

A woman witnessed the terrifying incident and contacted the RSPCA, who are investigating. The woman had seen the rabbit and kitten flung from a black sports car when she was driving, and stopped to rescue them. The kitten had spent two days fending for itself. She found the young rabbit and the kitten two days later and took them to the RSPCA for care.

a projectile fired from an air rifle hit a cat in the back

There is no clear rule as to whether or not a veterinary anatomic pathologist can accept a projectile injury case. However, there are certain additional tasks and expectations to be aware of. This article provides background information about projectile injuries, outlines the proper examination technique, and clarifies the additional steps necessary for this case type.

a cat was shot with a gun and euthanized

The incident in Chesterfield, Missouri, is the latest in a long line of euthanasia cases. A car window was smashed by a homeowner and the two animals, a rabbit and kitten, were shot by a BB gun. One of the animals was left to bleed to death, while the other was paralyzed by the force of the bullet. Authorities are investigating this incident.

surveillance cameras captured video footage of the attack

A woman in Derbyshire saw a rabbit and kitten being thrown out of a car window. After she reported the incident, the RSPCA launched an investigation. The animal welfare charity is now caring for the rabbit and kitten.

a man has been charged with cruelty to animals

A woman who was driving along Broomhill Road in Chesterfield saw a man hurl a kitten and rabbit from his car window. She immediately intervened and captured both animals and took them to the RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Branch.

a microchip led to an animal adoption group

After a kitten and rabbit were dumped from a car window in Chesterfield, a woman found them and took them to the RSPCA. Two days later, another woman spotted the animal on the same road and enticed it with a piece of chicken she had in her lunchbox. She then took the animals to the RSPCA branch. Thankfully, both the kitten and rabbit are doing well.






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